handarbete 手仕事




"handarbete" ハンドアルベーテとは手仕事、という意味のスウェーデン語です。






手織り作品の数々を作品ギャラリー 生徒作品集どうぞお楽しみください。


I lived in Sweden where hand weaving exists so close to their daily  life. While I was inspired by its simple, clean design and color combinations, I mastered variety of textile making techniques.

 ”handarbete" means handicraft in Swedish.


Timeless, chic and sophisticated with high quality craftsmanship is the motto in my creative hand process. In my weaving class, I enjoy shearing the wonder of handicraft with my students and I will keep spreading the joy of creative time.


I hope you will enjoy some of the hand woven works in the Photo Gallery and Student works

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